Top 5 Reasons You Should Live in Greece

Almost everyone who has a chance to live abroad can share some lessons learned and unforgettable experiences from different countries they lived in.
Let’s discover the unique things you can experience in Greece and the top 10 reasons why you should live there (maybe with this opportunity to spend at least one year in this gorgeous country).

  1. Breathtaking nature 

Enjoy Greece

There is no country in which you can find over 3,000 islands (227 inhabited) with the blue water of the Mediterranean Sea combined with such special architecture.
Only the Greek islands will make you feel like you’ve found this little piece of heaven.
Besides gorgeous islands and thousands of beaches, you can enjoy mountains, olive groves, and vineyards, iconic villages, lakes… Anything you desire in terms of nature (yes, even skiing during winter months!), you can find in Greece.

  1. Experience unmatched Greek hospitality

In Greece expect to experience genuine and informal kindness and hospitality. Greeks even have a word for it: philotimo. The literal translation would be “love of honor,” but the concept is almost impossible to translate fully in English. It describes a way of life, of doing good and of having respect for others. It’s often hailed as the highest of all Greek virtues.
Anyway, enjoy Greek hospitality and philotimo (and enjoy learning and practicing it)!

  1. Super yummy food

Greece’s long history and traditions are why Greek cuisine is so great. It has thousands of years of history, with dishes originating from Ancient Greece, continuing into the Byzantine period, and surviving until today.
Here are the top 10 Greek dishes you have to try during your first month in Greece.

  1. Rich culture & history

You can’t be bored in Greece! In addition to very sociable locals, Greece offers stunning museums, sightseeing, and monuments from some of the most important parts of all of human history.
For those that love contemporary art and music, Greece can accommodate you as well. And we won’t forget modern Greek music! Here is a mix of some great Greek hits.


  1. Plenty of sunshine

Greece tops European ranking when it comes to average number of sunshine days a year. (Did you know moderate sunlight exposure can have plenty of health benefits for you?)
As we said above, Greece is also great for those who love snow and winter sports. And for the majority of us who prefer sunshine and warm weather, Greece is just perfect.


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