Live It Greece!

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Greece with ALL COSTS COVERED by participating companies.

What’s the deal?

It’s simple! We offer you an opportunity to spend a gap year (or more) in stunning Greece by working in an interesting job with companies like
In exchange, you will get:

A very
competitive salary

The best part: Every year, you will receive 14 paychecks, not just 12!


(and back)

Private pick-up
from Athens airport

Two weeks’ hotel accommodation

or until we find the place you will call home

Paid real estate agency

to find your apartment

vacation policy

so plenty of time to enjoy amazing Greece

On-site cafeteria

with yummy Mediterranean cuisine

Full cultural immersion

free Greek classes, excursions, themed parties, sporting events, and more

Great παρεά

wonderful friends from Greece & all over the world

Career benefits

In addition to the very recognizable brands you’ll have on your resume.

Full medical insurance

Visa support

(if needed)

You are welcome
to apply if you have:

Are you a good fit?

NOTE: Rolling deadline! The program will close as soon as we receive enough candidates. So you’d better hurry up!

Can’t apply at the moment?

No worries! Share it with your friends, and send them to Greece to enjoy the unlimited sun, Greek parties and super yummy Mediterranean cuisine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no catch or hidden information. Many big tech companies set up their customer support centers in Greece. They need native speakers in many languages to work five days a week for eight hours supporting their clients all over the world. In exchange, they are ready to offer you incredible experiences while working and living in beautiful Greece.

Your responsibilities may include tasks such as helping Netflix users with billing inquiries or guiding Google’s business clients in using Google AdWords to attract new customers. New worries, detailed job training will be provided to ensure that you are prepared for the tasks at hand.

In addition to a competitive salary, bonuses, airfare, and other benefits (as detailed below), you will also have the opportunity to include the logos of famous tech companies such as Google, Netflix, Microsoft, and Samsung in your resume, showcasing your valuable work experience. Just imagine the impact this could have on your career growth!

1. Your monthly net salary (take-home pay or after tax) will range between €850-€1200, depending on the host company and project. The best part is that you will receive 14 paychecks every year, not just 12, which means your average net salary will increase to the range of €1000-€1400 a month.

It’s important to note that this salary should not be compared to the average salaries in your home country, as the cost of living in Greece is much lower. For more information, please visit this link. Furthermore, the offered salary is higher than the average monthly net salary in Greece.

2. Airline tickets to and from Greece

3. Airport taxi pick-up upon your arrival in Athens.

4. Paid hotel accommodation until you find a place you will call home (we will provide and pay an experienced real estate agent to help you with your home hunt).

5. Medical insurance

6. Career benefits: soft and hard skills training  in addition to the very recognizable brand in your resume (e.g. Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft..).

7. Detailed job training.

8. Five days’ work-week, 8 hours a day

9. 28 days paid vacation every year

10. Yearly complimentary return flight ticket for a vacation within the EU

11. Full cultural immersion: free Greek lessons, sports activities, cooking lessons, excursions around Greece and more

No, there is no application cost. Your company will also cover your transportation to Greece and airport taxi pick-up as well as hotel accommodations for the first 2–3 weeks until our real estate agent finds you a place to call home. After that, your salary will be more than enough for a comfortable life in Greece. Upon arrival, you are only expected to bring a small amount of pocket money (600€–800€) to cover your first month’s personal expenses until you receive your first paycheck.
It’s a rolling deadline. The program closes as soon as we receive enough candidates for each specific language. So you’d better hurry up!
Don’t worry if you can’t move to Greece in the next 2–3 months. You are free to choose the relocation date that suits you, but we advise you to apply as soon as possible.
Unfortunately you are not eligible at the moment, but please keep checking our page for very possible eligibility changes. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share the Live It Greece program with your friends who might be eligible to apply now. They’ll be the ones waiting for you with a glass of ouzo and super yummy gyros when you visit them in Greece.
At the moment, the programme is opened only for EU citizens.
No, provided you are at least 18 years old, you are welcome to apply and participate. There is no other age limit. Greece is fun for everyone! 🙂
As soon as we receive your application, we check whether you fulfill eligibility criteria mainly in terms of how native or close to native you are in your selected languages. We also evaluate your resume and motivation to participate in the Live It Greece program.
If you pass this initial screening, we arrange up to two brief calls as an introduction to the final interview with the company you are assigned to.
Those initial calls are friendly chats and the opportunity to meet you better as well as answer any questions you might have (that have not been answered here in the FAQ). Also, we use those two calls to share some interview tips that will be useful for you during the final interview with the company. So, you can see those two initial calls as with your allies who help you prepare for the final interview.
After those calls, you have the final interview with the assigned company. Usually they are very quick, and you receive their decision and offer letter within a week after the final interview (very often even within three working days). Enjoy the process that, hopefully, will be your best introduction to stunning Greece!
The minimum duration of the program is 4 months, but your chances of getting selected will be higher if you can stay longer. Don’t worry! You will fall in love with Greece and will be excited to stay much longer.
Sure, provided that the company (Teleperformance Greece) is happy with your performance, you can renew your contract as many times as you wish. There is potential upward career mobility included (please see the next question).
For professionals who plan on staying longer, there are opportunities for career progression. For the first period, everyone starts with customer support roles, supporting business or private clients of companies like Apple, Facebook, VW, Netflix, Microsoft, and more.
From the very first day, you have the opportunity to attend a variety of trainings in different fields, from management, soft skills, and technology to Greek language.
Then professionals are moved to supervisor roles, and further, there are plenty of career options within different job functions including human resources, management, finance, and strategy.
Imagine having one of these powerful brands like Netflix, Volkswagen, Microsoft, Philips, Facebook or Google? Also, during the program your host company is going to provide you with lots of practical training and skill-building activities.
When you take all that into account in addition to an unforgettable Greek experience, you can be sure you’ll be perfectly equipped for whatever future career you choose to follow.
Of course you will. You are guaranteed two days off per week + 28 days’ paid vacation every year.
There’s no way you can feel lonely in super social Greece! In addition to other participants coming from all over the world, you will meet many new Greek friends. On the other hand, if you are someone who enjoys less social time, Greece offers breathtaking nature, islands to discover, and fascinating cultural heritage.
Yes, absolutely! Your host company will offer free Greek classes and plenty of trips around Greece, themed parties, sporting events and cultural activities. In addition to that, you will be constantly surrounded by Greece and its wonderful culture.
Greece is a quite safe destination: The vast majority of people you interact with will be honest and helpful. According to the Crime Index by Numbeo, Greece is similarly as safe as countries like Canada, Norway or New Zealand and safer than countries like the US, Chile and Belgium. If you follow general common sense for behaving in public and taking care of your personal belongings, you will be just fine.
This is probably the best program in the world when it comes to ease of moving abroad. If you’re selected and upon signing the job contract, you will be assigned an experienced HR manager who will work on your relocation to Greece.
That person books your airfare to Greece and arranges a taxi driver to wait on you at the airport and take you to your hotel where you will stay until your dedicated real estate agent finds you the place you call home. Above all, your dedicated HR person helps with any other assistance you might need before or after your arrival in Greece.

Sure! If you speak to some people older than 40 about things they regret not doing in their 20s and 30s, the most frequent answer for sure is travelling and experiencing foreign countries. Live It Greece is surely one of the most ideal opportunities to not only travel to a foreign country but also fully immerse yourself in the beautiful Greek culture.
The best part: Participation in the Live It Greece program won’t cost you anything, but you will be able to earn enough financial resources for a comfortable and enjoyable time in Greece (and maybe even save some money depending on your lifestyle).
In addition to experiencing Greece and Greek culture, you have the opportunity to meet colleagues from over 60 countries for a truly Greek and international experience.
Because of all the above reasons, we are confident to say this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire experiences that will enrich your 20s and be remembered throughout your entire life (and surely benefit your career as well).
Don’t regret anything didn’t do in your 20s! Apply now here! Welcome to Greece!

Dive into the infinite blue!

NOTE: Rolling deadline! The program will close as soon as we receive enough candidates. So you’d better hurry up!

Let's Start Planning Your Greek Adventure!

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